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The Eddy Philosophy

The Eddy Philosophy


Published on: May 7, 2019   1:13 pm

We’ve all been there. Caught up in workflow, struggling to find a work/life balance, refreshing email, glued to the news, and endlessly scrolling through social media. Modern life is complex and moves fast. It’s easy to get ahead of yourself or lose your way. But when you’ve spent as much time outdoors as we have, you know that, when you’re lost, following a river will lead you to safety. Along that river, you might find an eddy: a unique spot where one side of the water flows downstream and the other upstream, while water in the center remains still. Eddy Farm is situated upon one such spot on the Delaware River. Follow the river here, and we’ll help you turn around, reflect, and find the stillness your spirit needs.

A Christian retreat center, we provide programs for worship, teaching, and counseling, as well as facilities for conferences, retreats, banquets, reunions, and team building. Activities like hiking, cycling, tennis, and basketball will help you unwind and bond with other guests. After all, we can accommodate groups of one to 340!

Not all fun and games? We offer indoor and outdoor meeting facilities, complete with wireless Internet, so that you and your team can accomplish something special amid this scenic, peaceful backdrop.

Of course, one day is seldom enough time to take inspiration from the eddy and turn yourself around, so we offer hotel style double and single occupancy rooms with private bathrooms, as well as semi-private rooms with shared baths. For more information on room accommodations just give us a call!

Like the waters of our namesake eddy, we’re in no rush here at the retreat. We move forward while looking back on where we’ve been, and we know that you sometimes need to stand still and be thankful for the moment. When you leave here and return to the rapids of everyday life, we hope you’ll take some of the calm of Eddy Farm with you.