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Find Blessings in Nature at Eddy Farm

Find Blessings in Nature at Eddy Farm


Published on: May 20, 2019   10:00 am

After yet another northeastern winter that felt like it would never end, warm weather is finally here, and the world is coming back to life. The gray and brown of the past few months has been replaced with lush green, vibrant yellow, blue, and lavender. Trees are budding, birds chirping, and insects buzzing. The stress of the holidays is well behind us, too. From Christmas and New Year through Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, the money has been spent, visits made, and parties thrown. Easter has gone, but the colors and new life remain. What better time to regroup, and what better place to do so than nature?

Eddy Farm is a Christian retreat with opportunities and facilities for religious services, conferences, and study, but we understand that worship need not be confined to indoors. When the sun is shining on the Delaware River, it’s hard not to see blessings wherever one looks. Among the many amenities and recreational options at our retreat is the availability of rafting and canoeing services. In between scheduled activities and meetings, you and your group can venture beyond the retreat and experience the beauty of the Delaware – the calm eddies, the churning rapids, and the surrounding cliffs and banks. Paddling, itself, has a spiritual element. The rhythm and teamwork necessary to keep moving forward has a meditative quality and offers lessons that stay with you long after you’ve returned to the banks.

Even if you’d prefer to stay on land, the retreat offers an abundance of other outdoor activities. Enjoy the Delaware from our open-air pavilion, or walk the prayer path or botanical Garden of Eden. Strengthening relationships built on shared faith can be energizing, so Eddy Farm also features tennis courts, a basketball court, volleyball court, soccer field, and complimentary bicycles.

So the next time daily life begins to feel hollow, and you find yourself staring at the sunshine through your office window, consider Eddy Farm as the location of your much-needed retreat.