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Empowerment and Growth this September at Eddy Farm

Empowerment and Growth this September at Eddy Farm


Published on: July 30, 2019   2:00 pm

Ministry to others requires that our own spiritual needs are being met. Bringing a friend, family member, or stranger closer to God can be difficult without the confidence that you play a role in His plan, even if it is not always clear what that plan is. How can we be of help to our brothers and sisters, let alone be of use to God, while weighed down by our own struggles? Each of us will always have challenges, but lightening the burden presented by them is healthy both for the individual and the community. Overcoming these obstacles, however, often means doing something many of us find intimidating: leaning on others for emotional support.

When a problem seems too big to solve, it is reassuring to hear from those who have solved similar problems before. Women and men face unique challenges, though, so who better to offer answers than women and men, respectively? That’s the reasoning behind Eddy Farm’s dual women and men’s conferences, this September. Both offer inspirational talks and empowering workshops over the course of three days, each focusing on the unique challenges of being a woman or a man in God’s ministry.

Women’s Conference: Soar Higher (Spread Your Wings)

 | September 13-15, 2019

Encouraging workshops, times of worship, prayer walks, fun activities, a dance presentation, a semi-formal banquet, and fellowship will fill this weekend. There is no challenge or issue you may be facing that one of your Christian sisters hasn’t also dealt with. Join together and minister to one another as you take this weekend to refresh your mind, spirit, and body!

Men’s Conference: Becoming the Man that God Can Use

 | September 27-29, 2019

Dynamic speakers and workshop leaders will minister to attendees, and separate sessions will be held for teenagers 12 through 18. Guests will also be able to participate in recreational activities including father/son events, a basketball tournament, tennis, and billiards tournaments.

For room rates and to make reservations for either conference, please call (845) 858-4300.