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Fall In Love with Eddy Farm this Fall

Fall In Love with Eddy Farm this Fall


Published on: October 8, 2019   8:57 am

Autumn is here at Eddy Farm, and while we know the same goes for the rest of the continent, there’s something special about fall along the Delaware. It’s more than the foliage, which is some of the most beautiful in the Hudson Valley. It’s the crisp, fresh air, the brisk, starry nights, and the way the autumn light dances on the rippling water. The red, yellow, and orange hues painting the mountainsides are a special reminder that all God’s creation is a work of art – a masterpiece. This is one of our favorite times of year to walk the prayer path or sit in our Garden of Eden and reflect on all that we’re grateful for.

Reasons to visit Eddy Farm in the fall extend beyond the retreat itself, however. Autumn activities abound in the surrounding area, and each family, congregation, and ministry can plan an excursion suited to their interests.

An autumn icon here in Orange County, Soons Orchard holds “U-Pick” weekends throughout October. Individuals, families, and groups can peruse the fields and hand pick bushels of the freshest apples. Cider and pies can also be had at Soons. For those who feel it’s not fall without a gourd or five, the orchard offers pumpkin picking, as well. Click here to learn more about Soons Orchard.

Across the Delaware in Milford, Pennsylvania, a variety of shopping, including antiquing, can be found. Old Lumberyard Antiques, Forest Hall Antiques, and Ann Street Antiques, are a few of the shops where you might find a new-to-you treasure.

As if all of the above weren’t welcoming enough, Eddy Farm is offering a number of discounted group rates this fall, with weekend rates beginning as low as $160.20 for two nights. To learn more about these specials, call (845) 858-4300.