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Looking Ahead to Ministry in the New Year

Looking Ahead to Ministry in the New Year


Published on: January 22, 2020   12:46 pm

At Eddy Farm, our goal is to provide a refuge from the stressors of the modern world – a place that strengthens faith and gives those charged with spreading God’s word somewhere to relax and regroup. For this reason, our New Year’s resolution is to bring you even better facilities and amenities, when we reopen this spring. We would like to welcome our patrons back to a retreat that exceeds their spiritual needs and embodies Christian hospitality.

To help us accomplish this we’re looking for volunteers with experience in painting, plumbing, roofing, maintenance, and landscaping to help us with renovations during the off-season, this winter. We will also be continuing to beautify and enhance the Garden of Eden prayer garden, so donations of seeds, fertilizer, flowers, shrubs, and gardening tools are welcome, as well.

Beyond enhanced facilities, however, we are also making improvements to our recreational amenities. Improvements to the basketball courts should be ready for spring and summer, and we are accepting donations of new and gently used basketballs and other athletic equipment, such as bicycles, tennis racquets, footballs, volleyballs, ping pong tables, and more.

Just as important as facilities and amenities is an attentive and professional staff. For the new season, we will be hiring across all departments. Anyone who is interested in our mission of ministry and wants to become part of our hospitable team will be able to fill out applications beginning in March.

To make such improvements to our retreat and additions to our team, Eddy Farm depends, in part, on monetary donations. The season of giving has not yet ended, and contributions of any size that can help us continue our mission are greatly appreciated. We are able to provide receipts for all donations.

To volunteer or donate, call (845) 858-4300. Together, we can grow our ministry in 2020 and beyond!