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A Christian Retreat Center’s Take on Social Distancing, this Easter

A Christian Retreat Center’s Take on Social Distancing, this Easter


Published on: March 23, 2020   8:40 am

With Easter around the corner, many of us can already hear the ears snapping off a chocolate bunny, feel eggshell peeling away under our fingernails, or taste the ham. Some of our favorite traditions might be put on hold, this year, but we still have the makings of a happy Easter. In the spirit of the holiday, let’s resurrect a message typically heard in December: “It’s not about parties, presents, and chocolates. It’s about the Lord, and family.”

The Lenten season is about sacrifice, so this time of year, Christians are already used to doing with less and reflecting on our gratitude for what we have. True, egg hunts are fun for the kids, and brunch or a buffet is a nice after-church outing, but spring will come regardless of whether or not we don our pastel colors and look like jellybeans. As a Christian retreat and conference center, we can tell you that there will be plenty to look forward to here at Eddy Farm, come June. In fact, we encourage you to call for summer and fall reservations, as our existing spring reservations are being rescheduled for those seasons, and vacancies will be limited.

Even in isolation, our light can reach far, so pre-heat the oven and prepare a small family meal at home, pick up the phone or send a text to let friends know you’re thinking of them, and say a prayer that the season’s message of selflessness will resonate with all and last beyond Easter. Click here are some creative ideas for a small, family-centered Easter celebration at home.

Christians have celebrated Easter for nearly two thousand years. Our modern traditions and outings seem trivial by comparison, and besides, they’ll still be there next year! Let this serious situation be a reminder to focus on what has always mattered most: the light inside each other.