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Herb Jacobsen ~ Board Member

Herb Jacobsen retired director of Tuscarora Inn and Conference Center in Mount Bethel grew the ministry over the 30 years, keeping visitors and employees happy.
Mr Jacobsen was living in Erie and working for Burroughs Corp., now Unisys, when he read an ad in a church magazine. Tuscarora Inn in Mount Bethel was looking for a director. His wife Helen had also noticed the ad. In 2009 Jacobsen retired. He and Helen live not far from Tuscarora in a home they moved into just a few years ago. “I retired with a sense of satisfaction that God worked in a way far beyond what I ever expected.”
Looking back, Jacobsen considers finances and getting enough volunteers to be the greatest challenges of the early years. “Today the challenge is to maintain what we have,” he added. He currently serves on the board at Tuscarora and Eddy Farm Retreat & Conference Center.

Pamelia Richardson ~ Board Member

Pamelia Richardson has a love and heart for ministry service. She has served in leadership in several areas of church ministries, which includes Youth leader, Church Secretary, Church Deacon and various military and community outreach groups. Pamelia has used her gifts and talents to further the vision of True Warriors Ministry since opening day of Eddy Farm in 2000. She initiated projects to improve the facilities and presently provides training for incoming Wait staff workers. Pam truly believes her steps are ordered by the Lord and whatever she does in word or deed is done to give God all the glory.

Pamelia is blessed and has been happily married to Derek T. Richardson for 29 years. She holds a BA degree in Math and Computer Science. She has been employed as a Software Engineer for 32 years. Pamelia faithfully serves as the recording Secretary on the Eddy Farm Board of Directors.

Pastor Leowen Evans ~ Board Member

Discovering how the Rev. Leowen Evans became both an attorney and pastor requires going back to the 1970’s when, as a student at Wake Forest University, Lee determined that he was not going into ministry, and instead chose to attend law school. Although he wouldn’t be a pastor, Lee decided that a good “compromise” would be to take up a career in the field of poverty law. His first job following graduation was with First Legal Aid in South Carolina and he later came back to his home state to work at North Central Legal Aid in the Raleigh/Durham area.
As is often the case with God’s call upon a person, the Lord had additional plans for Lee, and by the early 1980’s, he found himself with his own private practice and a position as the pastor of Cary United Church of Christ in Cary, NC.
Realizing that doing both jobs was more than one man could handle, Lee made the decision to give up his legal practice and enter into full-time ministry as he then became the pastor of Winston Memorial UCC in Winston-Salem, NC. In 1991, he was called to be the pastor of Eagle Rock UCC in Wendell, NC.
Founded in 1906, Eagle Rock Christian Church was part of the Afro-Christian Conference. In later years, through a series of mergers, the church became part of the United Church of Christ. In 2005, the people of Eagle Rock determined that the UCC no longer represented the theological perspective of their church, so they went through a formal process of incorporating the church under its original name of Eagle Rock Christian Church and have continued ministry to their community. In 2012, they affiliated with the Evangelical Association.
Throughout his career, Pastor Lee has used his legal training to help churches all over the South with the technicalities of incorporating, filing appropriate papers with the state and the many other tasks that the average church board often knows little about. At Eagle Rock, the church has worked hard to make certain that appropriate standards of Christian practice are in corporated into their by-laws. Using the “The Principles and Government of the Christian Church” which is a manual published by the Christian Church in 1894, the people of Eagle Rock have taken a stand to make it clear that as believers in Jesus, they expect members of their church to practice biblical Christianity and adhere to the standards of their tradition. In a time when Christians often live like unbelievers, the leaders of Eagle Rock are seeking to challenge their congregation to live lives worthy of the calling they have received. Reverend Evans currently serves on the board at Eddy Farm Retreat & Conference Center.

Joyce Naylor ~ Board Member

Joyce Naylor, retired New York City Principal, served 35 years in the Department of Education as a Classroom Teacher, Reading and Mathematics Specialist, Assistant Principal, and Principal. From an early age, she desired to teach and to serve others “as unto the Lord”. Her service continued during her 18-year membership at St. Peter’s Lighthouse Church in the Bronx, NY. At Mt. Moriah AME Church in Cambria Heights, NY, where she has currently been a member since 2001, she serves on the Steward Board.  Joyce is convinced that God has blessed her to be a blessing to other (2 Corinthians 9:8 NIV “God is able to provide you with every blessing abundance, so that by always having enough of everything, you may share abundantly in every good work.” ). She currently serves on the Board at Eddy Farm Retreat & Conference Center.

Anthony Wright ~ Founder

Anthony Wright is the founder and Executive Director of Eddy Farm.  He is also the owner of The Wright Agency in The Bronx New York, an  insurance agency he and his wife Izonia established in 1980. They have been married for 47 years and were worshippers along with their daughters Eboni and Stephanie for 18 years at St. Peters Lighthouse Church in the Bronx, New York.  Then God led them to Strait Gate Church in Mamaroneck, New York where they led the Married Couples Ministry, and Anthony taught on Goal Setting and Financial Wisdom according to God’s plan. When all is said and done, Anthony wants one thing clear, he puts his Christian Faith and His Family First.

Izonia Wright ~ Co-Founder

Izonia Wright and her husband, Anthony, are the founders of the Eddy Farm Retreat & Conference Center.  Izonia and Anthony have two beautiful daughters and four grandchildren.
Izonia has a Master’s Degree in Education and worked in the field of Education in New York City for eight years.  She owned her own Insurance Agency for eighteen years before entering the Eddy Farm Ministry.
Izonia and Anthony reside in the lovely Pennsylvania mountains opposite Eddy Farm in Matamoras, Pennsylvania.


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